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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Stubborn Love

My beloved June is almost gone...and I feel like time can't be stopped in the child like way that I love obtaining!
I feel like I am sitting in the back seat of a car watching the world move on by, This month has been colder then usual and sadly yesterday I walked under my neighbor's huge 60 year old cherry tree where last year I was picking them like crazy for her....
Nothing has really felt much like June, not even these summer evenings.....The world is lighter at night and the rain or wind will hit me in the face to say my actual summer is still out of my reach!
I am feeling rather misplaced, out of the normal way of existing.....instead of riding bikes and throwing water balloons I am wearing my big fuzzy sweater again and trying to get all my seeds to grow....perhaps I shouldn't compare each June to the last one?
There are no parades, no cherries, no long hikes or bike rides in this cool rainy weather. This June, My June is beautiful though and each day I've been working to paint, sew and garden hoping to feel the deep true heat that I love so much! There is always next month and even always next year, always next June to bloom, to grow and to play even better!

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