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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Infused Gin

The first Martini I ever had was on my 30th birthday and those blue cheese olives were so yummy after soaking in the gin. Yet it was that I noticed instantly after having just the one, there was no driving home for me.
My husband was chuckling as I gave him the car keys "Drinking a martini isn't the same as drinking a glass of wine, who knew such a little drink would hold such power!"

Now as I shake the martini shaker I think of how yummy all the new ways to infuse gin I have been learning about are!

The latest recipe 
I am using for infused gin;

a few roses petals

chopped tarragon 

a sprinkle of coriander

slices of cucumber 

(Remember to watch the time anywhere from 3 to 4 hours then taste for best desired gin flavor before filtering out these ingredients so that the gin doesn't grow overly powerful, store in freezer until thirsty)

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