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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sweet Peas

When I look around my yard I see so many fun ideas for gardens, herbs gardens, butterfly gardens and lately I am planting more flowers for extra color.
I hope to get both sides of the fences planted full of big bushes like lilacs or honeysuckles, the best way to bring in the comfort and coziness of a private yard. My dogs run up on the neighbors dogs in all the gaps of the fence to see through. They bark at each other less and less with the tails wagging, but I would like to build in a bit more foliage. It does take time, all of the gardening and planning takes time and extra money.....I have to be very careful to not blow my budget.
My imagination sees everything getting done right away but actually these things teach me patience, I have been reading over and over all the info to perma culture. This idea to let nature grow while you harvest in the fall with less stressful hard work has me thrilled!
The weeds I love are ones like clover, dandelions, milkweed....these weeds are not painful to touch. Therefore I leave them as is, I love any weed in which has benefits for bugs and gardens.
In my last seminar the lady speaker said how hard her first years of gardening were with mulching and weeding then pulling all the old stuff out every fall and adding new stuff in each spring...a few years of this painful hard work and she realized nature has away of doing most this kind of work already....
When I took my gardening class several years ago I put these ideas to the test and even mention in some of my classes how using what is laying around your yard like pine needles or tree leaves to protect your garden or shrubs before winter could save you time and money. The class wasn't against it but it was clear they had a certain way to garden with all those step by step.
I never cut or prune in the fall season as well, those big ornamental grasses will be winter's shelters for the creatures, any pruning could freeze the plant then come spring there are these big dead areas on it.
I don't know every much about gardening, because it is a HUGE topic, a really big area of information and only through "hands on training" could I explain what I do know:-) 
Gardening is not just getting stuff in the ground it is the sun light, the fresh air and the water source. It's you on your hands and knees in the good and bad weeds with that amazing smell of dirt! The amazing way it can looks cleaned up, organized and colorful all at the same time......It is both refreshing and hard work to be out reward is the actual event in gardening. Being outside IS the purpose for me, just like house work I see gardening and yard work as my own way to "Clean up" my living space. 
Each day it grows more and looks better and better out there!
I do run into disagreements with my love for those good kind of weeds, I leave them when others would pull them but really the key is to always have a good time and not make it so hard on you to do!
Gardening is a delight for me because I welcome most every kind of plant even if it's not in a spot I had planned:-)
These Sweet peas popped up in the middle of my side yard against the small fence and I really really LOVE them right where they are!

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