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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sweet Summer time

Yesterday I sat on the patio of my neighbor Bernice, who was surprised that it was June 1rst already for as cold and rainy as it has been, we would think it as March or April still.
Bernice has a huge garden, it's been neglected this last year as she had surgery and learned to walk again. So I am planting, gardening the space for her.
It shall keep me very busy all summer and even into fall because I will need to stay on top of it. These last couple of months were like a jungle getting back to her garden soil.
She said "It's June? REALLY! Already? How strange it doesn't feel like June yet......." I nodded with a smirk explaining "It has been hard to stay outside long especially if the wind picks up." Bernice has a list of ideas and projects much like my own for all the gardening ahead. Summer will be delightful, I know that I can get it all done and along with my imagination I can see it all looking so beautiful!
However laying in the sunshine, listening to the radio and slowing down the time is what I think creates such a sweet summer time, summer time!

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