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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A REAL True Hero

When I think of how people try to be heroic, how often people even strut around like they are some kind of super hero, it reminds me of our human ego. When I think of what makes a true hero I have seen over the years of my life that the truth is hidden from the actual hero, a very good soul, a very good person needs no glamor or praise. They wouldn't trumpet their story of heroism, they won't even know how it could be possible to be seen this way by others. When I notice and see a genuine hero I noticed the key phrases are all the same from such amazing graceful human beings.......They explain to the rest of the world "I am not a hero, I am just doing what everyone should do in helping others." I am often inspired by heroes so ever since I was little I have studied them in history or in day to day events. When the Government or general public tell who is a hero or not I am left doubting them completely because I see heroes all around me in many different ways and it is the REAL hero who won't put themselves out there for such worship.
When I think of how bravery works in much the same way, the steps of living in grace towards others brings forth a sense of bravery to rescue and be there for them as they are connected to your own soul. You are no better or worse then those in trouble whom you can help or whom you live with love along side. When you give of yourself without anything in return or expected people see this as a kind of heroic way in life, but to the real true hero who knows the truth is that they are no big deal, make them very honest and real in my eyes. I admire and feel inspired by such people who live beyond their own needs, their own comforts in bettering the world.
When I went to the Team Hoyt celebration here in Boise, Idaho several years ago. I was in awe of the father/son relationship. Of their dedication to take on the physical challenges in marathons, for the son whose cerebral palsy kept him from doing these events on his own. I saw real heroes in both of them and really loved that conference!
When I saw this clip below about these young brothers I was inspired once again! For my favorite line of all my own personal list of heroes is; 

"No one is left out, left behind, there is always room for one more."

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