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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sweet Curtains

The adventures with my sewing machine lately has me rather annoyed, I am not a very patient person in sewing....I want the project to run smoothly and many times the angle or the lines can't fit right on my machine so I get stuck.
Breaking my sewing needle caught me off guard and then getting it all setup again to sew took time.
It is safe to say that sewing will never be more important to me then my writing or even my gardening...I like to see results quickly.
My favorite skirt began to shred and fade (Well it was my most favorite skirt after all) I have discovered living in a limited amount of money has taught me to "waste not" and my creative mind takes on all these money saving projects...sewing is my one craft to save money and create easy things like pillows or curtains, even a skirt here and there.....(nothing to hard or complicated yet)
I think when winter comes I will be setup better in my new sewing room to learn this art and talent a bit more. To create a calmness in doing a good job not just rushing to mend or sew something instantly.
Everything I have made so far is slanted or makes me laugh and I live with it instead of going back to another hour's work in fixing it!
This is once again proving how imperfect and impatient I am! Perhaps by this time next year I will be more "seasoned" and slow down to really learn how to sew.......perhaps.....maybe...
Now my favorite skirt hangs in my bathroom windows as I live within my means and hope this creative light stays on!
I loved that skirt and I love those sweet curtains!

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