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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Going for Coffee

Now it was true the coffee drink had to have flavor, whip cream and sprinkles for my girl Benny. It wasn't so much going out for coffee but instead going out for conversation was her enjoyment. The drink it was anything sweet but the friends to sit and chat was what she loved the most.
We had THIS in common, we were opposite, we were from different worlds....we were best friends, we were like sisters! (If not better then that)

Benny squealed "NO! No pictures!"
She set her Frappuccino on the table of the Moxie Java in Caldwell, Idaho on that nice warm first of fall evening. "Debby, I swear if you snap one more picture I will break that!" I held my camera back with a giggle leaning out of her reach by a tiny bit.
"Oooooh now come on! Don't you want to remember these days of being young and free in a coffee shop?" Benny sat down shaking her head at me with her hand to block her face "You don't get it, this is not the normal "Life of the party" hanging out at a coffee shop is not living recklessly my dear..." I sat down across from her and smiled "SEE here! THIS place is MY kind of party! who needs loud music and alcohol? I love simply just THIS!" My hand swept across the wide open room, the fireplace in the corner made the warmly painted walls glow, the red couch set looked inviting and calming in front of those fall roasting flames. The loud cheer of Carlos interrupted us from our table talk, he walked through the door with arms straight up in the air "LADIES! I AM HERE!" He said and the rest of the coffee shop activities kept moving on while Benny and I threw our heads back to laugh at him. He hugged us both and swung around the place as if he was a super hero. Jason walked in behind him with rolling eyes and quietly sat down at our table "I had to bring him, once he heard you girls were here he wasn't staying home." Jason looked back over his shoulder as Carols danced around the coffee shop spatting romantic poetry. I replied "He's been saying that he is in love, Carlos has a girl he left back home...." Benny cut me off in her fast wit "He's obsessed with that girl lately, Debby and I had to listen for 3 hours of how IN-LOVE he is last night.......after awhile Debby says "Well, I've never met someone who is still in high school who actually thinks they are in love." I laughed so hard, I had to....oh Jason you know Debby, I waited till Carlos went to the restroom to tell her, that he could just be acting, ya know wanting to be the center of the conversation for a good show. She was really surprised I think she believes he is in love!" Jason nodded annoyingly and chuckled as Benny filled him in. Carlos was Jason's foreign exchange student with his sister off into her first year of college Carlos moved in from Mexico. Those late nights meeting at the coffee shop became a ritual for the four of us, we had many other friends come and go but that table of four had us chilling, usually all of us rode home in my car so the laughter, jokes and constant drama between how different Jason and Carlos were unfolded. When a song came on the radio Benny who always rode "shot gun" would turn it up and tell the boys in the back to stop talking, then we would sing at the top of our lungs until it Carlos would add like a tag note to our moment of fun "I like only love songs right now." Jason, Benny and I would groan in our mutual protest.

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