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Monday, February 6, 2017

Bad Romance - Women's Suffrage (Inspired by Alice Paul)

Lady Gaga was very impressive during the half time show of the Super Bowl yesterday, It reminded me of this remake I have been waiting to publish on here for the powerful reminder that women will always fight for their right to vote, their right to own land and to not give birth if they don't want to.

It took me a long time to ever know what Lady Gaga looked like because she wore elaborate costumes while singing reminding me kinda of like Cher, then singing kick ass messages which reminded me of kinda like being Madonna. 
I guess she came into the entertainment world drawing her creativity from the women before her time and making it now her own.
I don't follow award shows, I don't like football, or any sport that make people cry or behave badly.
Yet I do enjoy the super bowl game because we make it such a fun event with foods and friends. 
I don't know very much about what's going on in Hollywood, I have never been one to worship the royal Family. Nor do I care whose married to who om the spotlight of our rich and famous, I look up famous moments after the fact on replay in YouTube. I think about what makes people so crazy at times like these actors or singers are untouchable or a kind of super hero? I guess people want to be apart of someone or something bigger then themselves?
Being in the know of what is going on is good I guess, but I am not a faithful fan to anyone or anything in our culture.

I do so enjoy music! I watch many musicals or documentaries about music/musicians, the biographies of famous singers and how our society was made better from their talent. 

To see powerful women on stage is always impressive! To know that one day maybe even in my life time we will have a woman president is something to hold on to and with hope we will make this world a better place together as Alice Paul had believed and lead the battle to pave the way!

Never give up, never forget, Never back down. We women are not going back in time!

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