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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Cottage Club

 My husband shared "Whoa, it's the 30th anniversary of "The Breakfast Club."

I chuckled suddenly remembering a conversation my sister and I had when we first watch that movie together. My sister had a big screen TV in her bedroom when we were 17 and 18 years old.
The privacy of our own cottage to live in on the farm was truly delightful in our freedom to discuss and ask each other such taboo questions about who we like int the movie
My sister was already very annoyed at me over "Top Gun." one of her favorite films at that time.
She threw her head back in disbelief exclaiming "You can not be serious!?! Out of ALL these men playing volley pick GOOSE!?!?!" I stood thinking about from the very beginning of the story he was very attractive and humorous to me. My sister and I had a long debate about "Top Gun." as I couldn't stand Maverick and even though he redeemed himself in the end I couldn't see any exterior attraction at all.

"The Breakfast Club." was late in arriving to our lives as we usually watched when our mother wasn't around, she despised public school, she said that teenagers should never hang out with each other as they are not helping each other learn anything new because only the older people can do that.
Mom's most common phrase back those days was "Teenagers are a bad influence on each other, they succome to peer pressure." I would always picture a pier by the ocean with seagulls on it suddenly being pressurized by the strong winds whenever she would say this.

We were very use to her by the time we hit "Young Adulthood." she would always correct us when we would say "Going off to youth group tonight." by stopping us at the door of the house looking doubtful that maybe she shouldn't let us drive off on our own. We would scramble to appease her by saying what she wanted to hear "We meant Young Adult gathering for the Lord."  There wasn't any "youth group shenanigans" going on we assured her. In having the modern day movies in our collections my sister and I were able to see a glimpse into the real world.

Of course movies are not real world at all, we watched "The Breakfast Club." with true delight and intriguing dialogue. WE had nothing to judge it as the pure stereotypical Hollywood's dramatization for our entertainment. My sister and I understood what school was, what classrooms looked like and how we even had teachers in our extended family but we enjoyed "The Breakfast Club." even more for a whole world we were not apart of. It was during that time my sister and I were also in driver's ed together, I leaned over to her on our first day pf training saying "This is the very first time I have ever sat in a school desk before!" I smiled big as she pretended to not know me muttering "Don't be a nerd!" I thought to myself in a giggle "To late...."

If I had thought after watching "The breakfast Club." I would be better prepared for Driver's ed summer morning program I was definitely wrong and awkwardly joking around with the kids in my classroom in references of the movie.....I am sure if my sister could of had a different class time she would of taken it!

As we were beginning to be friends, as we were finally able to have our own space away from each other there was a peace in us that helped us notice the other person. My sister asked me over a bowl of popcorn on her big bed in front of her big TV while "The Breakfast Club." played on...."So which boy do you like?" I replied back automatically as always "I don't like any boys."
She rolled her eyes as if she had heard that to many times to count, "No Idiot, in THE movie...god!"
I burst out laughing suddenly realizing what she meant and coming back from the screen to her, I laid on the floor actually laughing so hard I was weak, for all of my life I never allowed myself to think about it or never thought about it out loud if a boy was cute and made me nervous suddenly I avoid him like the plague! and if ANY boy talked to me that was my age or older I would double check my parents didn't see us.
I stopped laughing as my sister looked down at me shaking her head, I explained "I forgot Mom wasn't around for a moment so sorry! If I think Goose is cute from "Top Gun." then you should know my answer for "The Breakfast Club." The nerdy guy! I like him so much!" My sister threw some popcorn at me exclaiming "Noooooooooooo! please stop! You are killing me!" 
I knew as I rejoined her to watch the movie that this was a great time in my life! I loved having these conversations and being more aware of my own interests. In this moment my sister looked at me very questioningly almost worried as she asked "You do know to "like." means to KISS this guy right????" I looked surprised and glanced around in alarm, such a word to be used like "Kiss." was unheard of in our family! In fact our mother would spring into a purity sermon if she had overheard us talking so I felt instantly uncomfortable at what she would think of us now? I shrugged casually back "Well, yeah sure...I could picture kissing him, but only after we ran out of things to talk about! I think I would rather just hold hands to be honest." She choked on her soda and then laughed for a long while as I sat there worried that such things as kissing shouldn't be talked about anymore, especially if our mom would just walk in as she always did. 
In fact one time I found Mom bent down under my sister's open window in the back of the cottage listening and watching as I called out to her "It's a new dance that she is learning called "The macarena." and I can't seem to get it right no matter how much I try." I walked on as if this was a usual sight having a sneaking around mother. In fact it was, but now in the freedom of our very bedrooms it didn't bother me anymore, she was always going to think Satan was out to get us "youthful" types. If ever she knew we watched "The Breakfast Club" all the time it would of sent her into praying out loud or another long winded sermon.
After these heart to heart conversations my sister and I would have, she would tease me "Oh look it's your boyfriend!" when a nerdy looking guy walked by us in the mall and if our mother over heard she would demand to know what we were talking about as I was left giggling and shaking my head knowing "I don't ever want to forget about this stage in my life....don't, don't, don't, don't you forget about me..."

My husband paused in alarm "Wait a minuet! Does THAT mean I am a NERD??????"

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