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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Classy moves

Yesterday waking up so early again for the second day in a row of my husband's Bar Exam my heart racing and my thoughts on getting him there in time.
I came home feeling full of energy and excitement for we are almost done through this whole thing.
We won't know for 2 months if he passes or not.
I guess there is nothing to fear we have been here before.
I decided to do a dancing ceremony for good vibes to send out into the Universe!
I kind of like not having my husband home as I put this song on repeat about 12 times to which he would of surely complained but it was just me kicking up my feet in the wide open living room!
I felt AMAZING filtering out my stress like this!
Don't believe me, just watch! (I looked JUST like these guys I am sure....)

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