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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Smart Women

I saw the movie "Hidden Figures." the other night and I loved how smart these women were! 
I ate it all up in numbers and clever comments this movie brought to life a very important story that I had never known before about our nation's quest to land on the moon!
It was profoundly inspiring and important to remember before the lap tops and the internet we have today, these women in NASA were called "Computers." 
They were brilliant and able to do the work on their own, in their own minds without "Googling it."

These women should BE the very story of NASA, sending men up into space was their job that they cared about it with passion and wanted to help make it all possible!
..... yet most of us have never heard their names before this film......
I am once again blown away by the powerful strength of women, of how standing up for what is right will help change the world! 

Smart women make this world such a better place, they truly give us hope for the future! 

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