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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Abusive Love

The Yellow Wallpaper,
After having read this short story lately, a good friend recommended it to me and I saw how important it is to remember what abusive love is....
It can be physical, emotional or verbal where one person dominates the other, also known as bullying or manipulating. The levels of abuse can run deep or be hidden from those around them but it's important to know that just like in this short story both people in the relationship thinks it's love for each other as it seems like a good marriage at first .....and then you read on in realizing there's a fear based reasoning going on in both of them.

REAL love stands on it's own without needing approval or acceptance, when you love someone in a healthy way then you will want the very best for them, even if that means they will not have you in their lives.

I think there are many levels to love in the healthy strong sense and to the abusive sense, it's easy to slip into assuming the one you love needs you in every way, and if you could keep them safe or protected then you are being a good lover but I think that it can wear on the relationship over time, so staying honest when one feels taken advantage of is very important in balancing the relationship back to respect and joy, it's delightful to find someone who will listen and change any behavior that isn't helping the relationship. I think abusive love can sneak in when we don't pay attention to how we are with each other.

This story "The Yellow Wallpaper." got me thinking about how fast lives can change, how important it is to not be afraid of living and to understand how Love can't be imprisoned, how love isn't our own to rule over but instead it's far more when shared!

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