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Saturday, March 1, 2014

I hate being sick

When I got sick a week before Christmas this winter I was so shocked so bewildered and confused because I have forgotten what being sick felt like after 3 years in good health.
I decided that being sick is now on my "To Hate list"! and yes I have a hate list, even though I normally like to stay away from being negative my hate list is a very important thing for me to understand.
Being sick was one of those events I was completely powerless over! I am not use to that kind of situation anymore....It all proves what I eat will make me strong or weak.
I HATE being sick, I loose track of all time and of all news, I don't care about anything when I am sick which is so different from my usual life in caring over many things!
There was a moment I woke up feeling sudden pain shot down my back I felt dizzy and oddly sensitive to the core of my stomach I hate that feeling too!
I had hoped taking a shower would bring me back to the ground and get steadily right in my balance again, I had a coffee date with my dearest friend so as I felt sick I knew I hated it more then anything I could remember! I was out of practice and out of awareness in how a person feel when they are sick and so I struggled out the shower in such surprise in being so very sick!
I can describe it like an airplane in the sky going along nicely then catching fire and nose diving into the toilet! THAT is why I hate being sick the most, I HATE throwing up period!
My husband wasn't home when I got sick, luckily for him because he has no tolerance, no empathy for sick people. I have learned over the years to not take this fact personal,  I simply tell him what I need when he comes home so he doesn't struggle in confusion over what to do. I also encourage him to sleep in the guest room for my struggling recovery and his own peace of mind. Being sick is horrible, even more horrible when the whole household relies on me to take care and clean everything. I have the most loving loyal dogs who never leave my side as I nap and heal back to the land of living again. I hate that faint low strength feeling the day after being so sick, I was grateful for my homemade bone broth in my mug that tasted AMAZING. Being sick is something I am not ashamed to hate so much! I am hoping to not allow for many more days like that in the future, because I hate it so very much! Getting sick teaches us what NOT to eat or NOT to do next time! AUGH!

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