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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I hate Goodbyes

This year has been so delightful in having my Aunt Kim come to visit and use my guest room for a fun full weekend in hanging out!
She came to Idaho from Vegas about a year ago and we were instant friends! I couldn't of gone away for 2 weeks last summer from my home full of cats and gardens without her wise, calm ways in house-sitting. When I think of how wonderful ALL my aunts are I am even more impressed that Aunt Kim is more like a step-Aunt to my husband so maybe not even related to me at all if I follow the  family line rules I guess, I have always referred to her as Aunt Kim whenever someone asked whose is taking care of the pets when we are away. She was my Dirty Dash partner where we walked and talked with each other in the trails of a muddy marathon. The evenings around the fire pit or catching up at the happy hour pub makes having such a good friend like Aunt Kim in our lives so delightful! Reminding me how much I hate goodbyes as she is moving back to Vegas.....I have never been good at goodbyes I dislike them maybe even hate them if I really think about it enough.
I will always refuse to simply say "Goodbye" without another idea to follow up like "We will come visit you as soon as we can!" That way I can handle the sudden changes without such heavy emotions every time, My Aunt Kim has new adventures ahead and many times I try to focus on this fact as well. 
When you are the one moving away everything is exciting and thrilling but when you are the one staying in place then the goodbye feels harder to face.....I am left to hate goodbyes, how about changing the word to "See ya later", "Stay in touch" and "Don't stay gone for long"?

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