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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I hate "Family Guy"

I HATE the popular animated show called "Family Guy". Enough said.

    It was a big group of new year law school students, they all sat around the tables visiting and drinking. My husband was laughing and telling jokes just as someone stated "You know what show is hilarious? FAMILY GUY!" The place erupted into cheering as I didn't move nor was I smiling any more at all. I totally get how important it is to be charming and wise in such a powerful social moment as this, but I can not fake it, I have NEVER been able to fake it. I hate "family guy" so much that I can't even pretend to like something small about it! Like with "South Park" I can find something even a tiny thing like what Butters would say in the show. NOT with "Family Guy" I can not find a single thing that allows me to say "Oh yes how funny...." in my fake stiff smile. I've got NOTHING to grasp with this stupid sickly done sitcom!
This group was let loose in recapping "Family Guy" while my husband was laughing more at the fact I wasn't engaging in their topic anymore, in fact I was ready to be home by this time suddenly. I have never known a TV show that I actually hated like this one!.....
I can simply feel my brain cells falling out of my head when "Family Guy" comes on, my husband declares to my stone cold attitude "Hey Debby, we really should give "Family guy" another try...I mean look at all these young people... EVERYONE here loves "Family Guy" we are out of the loop!" 
I sighed as if it was late at night as my social desires had come to an end for the day. I was simply DONE because of all the "family Guy" lines flooding the table. 
I gave my husband a nod not saying anything in public as everyone rolled on the floor laughing, I simply casually walked out of the pub. I was grateful to NOT be apart of those conversations anymore for there is something ever so creepy in chatting about a show that has a baby actting and sounding like a pervy old man. It's the main reason I simply can't pretend to like the show for even a second! AND I don't care if people disagree with me or if they like this show! Joke and laugh away all you big fans of such a thing I am fine with all our differences and I find evening fresh air with a buzz on to be more delightful then watching "Family Guy" In fact I find ANYTHING else to be better then that show! god, now I am reminded how much I hate that show!
 I know for myself what I hate and why, this just makes me shrug and move on! god, I hate that show!

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