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Sunday, March 16, 2014

I hate Out Talking

It is easy to notice in a gathering, especially in a big family of which I came from, how interesting to see certain personalities connect or are drawn to each other creating many conversations into 2 or 3 people groups among the main 30 people gathering.

I like watching this every time at who is comfortable with who, but in a double date or small dinner party of 6 or 8, I HATE the sudden "Out Talking".....My husband and I both agree it's super annoying when the group is no longer sharing in the same topic or discussion or story. People who don't like to listen are the instigators of OUT talking the others at the very same time.
It's annoying when 2 or more people are talking at the same time in a small group, I want to hear everything everyone has to say but it becomes a race of who will be heard first or what I notice is these people have NO respect for anyone else in the room. 
I hate this behavior so much and it is VERY common in my own family home like with my own siblings, how often we getting caught up in our own stories without waiting for the other person to finish their story first. I am mindful of this now in my 30's but when I was a kid I spoke out just as bulldozing as they do now. I told my husband one night rather worn out trying to keep track of all the conversations happening at once, "I want hear it all and know who they ARE but it's almost to crazy in loudness and domination that I can't remember anything said in the end?!?" When a married couple does this I have noticed it becomes a "Contest" to capture the audience away from each other, as exciting as it is to have company or discussions I would never want to miss hearing everything or connecting to those I have brought into my home. When the Out Talking burst into a battle or simply chaos I sit back in hopes to not feel dizzy or lost in all my listening I will catch the look my husband gives me of "It's time to go...." I will chuckle and causally remove myself from the social situation gone bad. Then I will hear from my husband how people have forgotten to listen or to just be! I will giggle thinking to myself that even though I hate it so much all these people trying to out talk each other, I am even more grateful when double dating in perfect balance of all four people listening and sharing, waiting for each person to finish speaking then engaging all together in such a classy dinner warms my heart! Not all of us want to win over the topic, not all of us care to be heard and when you discover the delights in sharing a conversation it is so hard to ever go back into "Out talking"!

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