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Thursday, March 20, 2014

I hate Fake Smells

                              It is EVERY where here in our America Society, I am not sure if it is all around the world but I am sure I could or would smell it on someone while traveling if I went out to discover this to be a fact or not. Give me lavender or peppermint oil to hide away my body orders or maybe I should shower??? I hate all these fake perfume, scented lotions and sprays to cover ourselves in while choking out or killing off the birds and the bees at the very same time...oh yes AND choking even killing ME!
I don't know how it all happened, but somewhere someone is getting very rich off of the insecurities of others, If you stink or think you smell bad that is a natural awareness to go take a bath and eat healthier. When you get done bathing then there should NOT be any other odor problem for awhile, the natural oils in our hair and on our skin is all part of a healthy balance being one with nature, I use oils after I shower to help fight off the chlorine in our water system that drys out my skin instantly. ALL the thousands of human hygiene products out there is ridiculous! If not embarrassing to reveal how we have lost our way in bettering the world by making sure we look and smell good at all times. These people drowning in fake smells are also killing off their own brain cells while breathing in and out cancer causing chemicals, give me the fresh air please! My hair smells amazing after sitting in front of a fire pit I don't even need a spray bottle! My skin feels soft and not so "thirsty" once I roll over my coconut oil, open cuts heal when I splash tea tree oil on them and germs die when I rub in peppermint oil into my pillow or curtains. Lavender is my most favorite way to smell from my toes to my finger tips if there was a breath mint to capture lavender in my mouth I would consume it! People all around me in grocery stores, coffee shops or movie theaters sink of such strong fake odors that my eyes water and my lungs gag, I have to step back or away from these toxic human beings to rescue my nose for that natural healing smell of my smoking sage! The older I get the worse it is and the more aware I am of all these hygiene products trying to sell an image that is so far from the real soul of ourselves. I hate fake smells more then I hate fake people, often this goes hand in hand of course but I think there are many good nice people who don't even realize how much they stink with fake smells of being told what to buy and how to behave, that without your hair spray, hair gel or hair moose then you will never fit into the world, along with the hair removal paste, wax and lotions a human body can't care for it's self is such a sad message to display! Nothing can be so far from the truth, those who manipulate the personal hygiene messages are winning!
I guess I don't belong in this time of history with all these cosmetics and deodorizers, with all these steps in keeping up a successful image. I get worn out trying to avoid smelling someone's fake scented hair. much less think about all the money lost for things we really don't need.....I love that moment when I slice a real lemon into the air my kitchen is naturally refreshed and made clean! Then as I eat the slices of lemon my morning coffee breath will disappear as well while I feel grateful for the simple sweet scent!

My friend greeted me with a huge hug then rested her nose into my neck longer then usual, I waited for a moment with a chuckle as she exclaimed "YOU smell AMAZING! Can I stay here drinking in your creamy soft skin? What is THAT...that scent?" She ask while rolling around my neck and arms as I replied thoughtfully "Coconut oil Maybe?" She stopped smelling me so intensely looking amazed "It is fresh air! It is sweet, clean, minty, calming FRESH AIR!" Stepping back in awe of me I was left to laugh loudly explaining to her "GOOD! Because that's what I was going for!" 

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