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Friday, February 28, 2014

I love Energy

The fact that endless energy comes from the Earth it self leaves me in awe of such power, In awe of such life force!

I LOVE energy! 
I love the powerful strength it gives, the opportunity to create or complete projects and make the world a better place! 
Most importantly I love that awareness and understanding in having good energy to live life fully!
 It starts out every morning I am in awe! Always in awe over how each new day  I get to have NEW energy!  It's impressive to notice that the stack of dirty dishes is nothing to get clean in the warm morning light when the night before I saw this task as daunting simply from my lack of's so fascinating this thing we call energy! 
Understanding energy, how we need it and how the earth is FULL of it in so many natural ways, I am left in awe over the mystery and the magic of it all! Perhaps it is why mornings are my most favorite time of the day......I can simply FEEL all that energy waking up and embracing the unknown events for the day ahead! 
It's truly a wonder to behold our connection to such an amazing power, to that thriving energy that seems to be pulling us all out into the future, connecting our lives and sharing in such wonders!.....leaving me to love it all the more!

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