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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I hate Laundry

It's easy to hate laundry, because it gets stinky sitting all dirty on the floor everywhere! If I didn't walk around behind my husband every morning then the WHOLE house would be full of piles of dirty clothes in random corners and chairs! I guess it's hard work to actually go find the laundry hamper! HA!
I LOVE clean clothes all hanging up and ready to be worn in the new week ahead so as much as I hate laundry I don't waste ANY time getting it done!
I have a even BIGGER issue with laundry, I deeply HATE reaching into pockets before tossing the article into the wash machine. This dislike or maybe even a fear....comes from growing up do laundry for my family on the farm, those pockets often had dirt, thorns or bugs in them as I would reach in I was usually startled or grossed out so then I developed a technique of turning the pocket inside out without having to ever put my hand into the unknown! 
YEARS of doing laundry this way now, I still will NOT reach into my husband's pant pockets so because he leaves everything in them and tosses the pants on the floor ANY where in the house I have washed his keys, his wallet, his cigars, his note papers, his gum, his mints, his chap stick and most commonly his loose change. I have explain my hatred for having to empty pockets a LONG time ago, warning him that if any of these things are important he should first empty his own pants on the desk I made for these things. I like coming across freshly washed dollar bills I consider it a tip for having done all the laundry then I take his loose cash to go buy a coffee and sit back in the coffee shop happy to get the job I hate the most all done!
Laundry NEVER ends, not like washing windows or pulling weeds...those things take a long time to get messy again but laundry when it is ALL done and put away has till that every night when our clothes being worn are now dirty! CRAZY! I hate laundry, but I LOVE wearing clothes so it is the yen and yang of simply living and enjoying life I guess!

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