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Monday, March 3, 2014

I hate being cold

It was a hard decision, it was hell! It was a struggle and a very cold cold place inside my soul! The 3 days I went without coffee! Thinking to myself I need to cut back or do away with it all together for a better healthy choice in living longer....THEN I got COLD. (and who really knows if coffee makes ya gain weight at least that is what I say)
Anyone who really knows me also knows that I HATE being cold!
I hate being cold more then being sweaty, dirty or covered in bugs....I would take sun burns or bee stings over being cold! I can't help it but when I get cold my husband reminds me very quickly how bitchy I have just become! "It is the COLD not me." I say but he just shakes his head and says "YOU can choose to not react to the cold." 
So I put on my wool socks the moment I wake in the morning on all these winter days.......I hate being cold so much that even walking around my own home feels threatening to my sanity if there is a draft anywhere! I love being outside, fresh air is something I could NOT go a whole day without this makes me bundle up like a fluffy teddy bear! It's good the seasons don't last forever because being cold gets old so quickly for me and I couldn't make it year after year without the warmth and comfort of my coffee cup! It helps me stay warm all day long and sometimes it's the only reason I even get up before the sun light break through the winter sky into my bedroom windows......Cold is such a painful temperature even in the hot days of summer I don't like to be cold! I hate it so!

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