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Saturday, March 8, 2014

I hate small venues for loud bands

     I hate going out to visit with someone at a pub or cafe in excitement to hear a local band only to be blasted out at the small place with huge speakers! I am old enough now to not hang around in the uncomfortable focus of only hearing the music blaring while small talk is shouting out awkwardly and the resolve to sit back and look calm and cool when the music is NOT.
I hate that lack of visiting and enjoying the time being out just because the volume is set WAY to high for these small venues. Doesn't anyone think to ask "Isn't this WAY to loud??? I can't hear the words very clearly and it's just a Willie Nelson cover song???" Thank goodness for being outside, going out to meet someone is often a risk in the loudness of the local musician or band. Outside venues are my favorite because they can blare away without drowning out a simple "Hello!"Greeting. Yet inside during the winter weekends these speakers blast out so loudly the walls vibrate and my throat leaves feeling hoarse from asking "HOW HAVE YOU BEEN?" They look blankly leaning in nose to nose "WHAT?!?"I repeat my simple greeting and after a few more times the nodding and facial expressions leave us sitting back done for the night in socializing as the local band or singer dominates all the open air of the place. I hate this kind of setup so much that I often leave within the hour grateful to the simple peacefulness of my car again. I wonder "Why in the world do the speakers in these events have to be taller then me?!?!" I have no need to stay there trying to look COOL in the headache volume, my hearing is very sharp but if I hung out at these kind of places then in just a few short months I will have ruined my inner ears! I hate how louder the bands are the more they feel good at playing music, when clearly the talent is in getting everyone to relax around you as the music takes them someplace in their mind. Instead I find myself seeking to escape as their speakers screech and I motion to my friend I have to go now.....or maybe they could just turn it all down a bit before the windows crack!

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