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Friday, March 28, 2014

I hate Hating

                 When I had finished last month's blog posts list of how I love, of how good life is well I began to think I need to bring myself back the "Real world", sometimes people think and tell me often that I live on a cloud of cotton candy when all I ever write about is LOVE....I do hate things, I do know what being miserable or grumpy can feel like. I have issues with annoying events or people too, I struggle with change or simply avoiding facing all the facts at times. Yet, I choose to dwell on love more then any other emotion out there because of it's pure beauty and empowering strength!
When I do imagine myself to be sitting on a cloud of cotton candy or chatting it up side by side to the beautiful sparkling little fairies as some people will tease me about, well then it is so very hard to ground myself once again in the so called "real world".  These critics can remind me how to stay strong in the facts or the truth, but for me in my choice for a good imagination and escape into my own comfortable structure of writing about Love is far more easier then writing about hate!
To dislike something at random is just as easy as to make up a fairy tale story of love, so I choose love! If that leaves me flying high then I happily embrace it!

So now I know the number One thing I hate itself!

James Altucher recently shared in his blog or podcast about when we are all fired up, when we are in that very moment of emotion how we should simply stop and be still. 
Don't race off to write an email or a tweet, don't try to fix this situation until the reaction has passed. 
I was captivated by this advice of his! Truly needing to face myself and think more about my need to prove that I can handle the things I hate and why.....
It all came back around to how when I hate I become so preachy, arrogant and annoying. 
 When I react to anything in full strong emotions then I turn into a very different person who wants to say she has all the answers.
I hate this about myself and will be mindful from now on. I hope to have the grace for my own self, with facing my hating defense and my preachy ways. In taking the advice to do nothing and let it pass then maybe I can begin to change my constant avoidance of who I am in all situations to be more grounded. I hate how I fight back unnecessarily over what I think is right or wrong for the whole world when really I still need to learn how to make my peace with the topic of "hate" in my own soul.....

One of my favorite lines from the famous movie "Braveheart" is when Robert the Bruce said to his scheming selfish father  "My hate will die with you."
I agree in much the same way for the end of this month and the end of this list of mine..........

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