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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I hate Time

It would be so nice not to live by any set time, we barely have a hundred years to live so I don't care for time much at all. I hate how fast it will all fly by actually!
Yet time is important for an appointment, for a pay check or for things to get done. Time helps your garden grow and helps teach the new generation to think for themselves. Time is both wonderful and magical, I would of hated being stuck in time at the horrible age of 16, so looking back time was good to push me into a much better place! I loose track of time in my daily life all the time! If I am not at work then most everything else is up in the air on the time I have. I love my beautiful life that choosing to hold still in time is very important to me! I can sit and loose all track of time as my cats and dogs play outside in the morning sun or if a friend comes over for coffee in long conversations! What is important to me most in this life time isn't actually reaching any such goal but rather to just be apart of time as I know it now.
I do not want to avoid who I am when I look into the mirror, time will change all the things I see. My heart is against time while realizing everything improves with age, with maturity. 
       Time isn't on my side unless I create it to be so! At the end of my time on this earth I hope I can say that I saw it all and loved it fully, that I wasn't in a rush and I wasn't ever stuck as well!
It would be nice if we lived by the shift in the sunshine or by the needs of those around us in whom do we spend our day today hanging out with?
Time will take everything we know right now away, but it can not take away our memories and our life lessons learned!
I hate time and admire it too, because without time we would never be able to grow up and get out of a helpless situation called "Childhood" in which every child is frustrated over not having a say for how they will use time in their own day....Time is good to arrive resting our worn out old souls when all is said and done. I hate how fast we can and will run out time,  pretending not to live by any set time is pure avoidance on my part of course....just like reading a great novel everything is made clear and is completely understood in the end, only time will tell I guess!

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