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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

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            It was late into the night when I stopped working and set back to the corner I made of my best friend and all her favorite things that I had found through out the day, along side the soft glowing lamp that comforted this corner of the basement I sat there to cry and chat with my Benny Girl.
I also had hoped it would be a comfort for everyone else coming and going in the clean up and packing party as well......
The idea had just came to me while working, I felt Benny would have liked this display, done completely in the "traditional Debby style"
For she was more to me then any family member, a best friend with a heart of gold and true acceptance. I never once doubted our friendship, our sisterhood for it was as strong as when we first met back in Caldwell Idaho. I sat lost in her conversations as if she were still alive, I smiled to myself at how we did so much together over the 15 years.....Just last summer I jumped in her car for the 3 hour rode trip up to drop her daughter off at church camp, how I also stayed with Benny when she visited elderly grandparents in the VA hospital. She was a customer the day I was promoted to be the Produce manager, I saw her in that crowd as they pinned my new name tag I race off to hug her and she bewildering replied "WOW talk about perfect timing! Congrats on the new title guess all those fruit stand days paid off!" She was also there for lunch in the last time I ever met my mother in Boise at random. We had to cover for each other quickly when accidentally mentioning the last Harry Potter movie coming as my mother's face harden into disapproval. I even slipped out how fun the next day's pride parade was going to be as my mother went to the restroom Benny was giggling so much "Debby, you are so cute trying NOT to talk about current events that you know your mom doesn't like I can tell you forgot how she thinks then catch yourself toning it down, but I really think your mom has come a long ways in trying to understand your world more....I mean don't get me wrong she is really stuck on her own ideas but at least she wanted to have lunch with you today, 10 years ago she would NOT have done this...." I nodded back at Benny sitting beside me as my mother was making her way back to our girlie table, thinking to myself this lunch date was the best I could ever recall having with my mother! Here we all sat pleasantly together, me, my best friend and my mother!
Oh how grateful I was sitting there with them, taking it all in when we would laugh together in our conversations. 
(A month later my mother had her stroke and 2 years later my best friend dies)

Being grateful for right now will help you look back in such an honest raw way of delight and comfort. For through these arriving years on us the living it comes down to those tears of understanding that we were connected, that right now we still are connected to other traveling souls! What a joy to capture these moments before they go by..... 


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