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Monday, July 15, 2013

It's the Gin

When having sea food a gin&tonic pairs nicely.
When having a steak a gin&tonic pairs nicely.
When having BBQ ribs a gin&tonic pairs nicely.

Whenever I try a new idea for a cocktail I think to myself "Should have stuck to my gin&tonic...."

When having over company I like my gin&tonic,
When having a relaxing evening I like my gin&tonic,
When gardening or yard work is done, whenever the temperature rises I cool down with my gin&tonic!

When we go out for drinks against the summer's heat I stick to my delight over a gin&tonic!

The late afternoon had me floating a bit more then usual, I knew it would be safer if I didn't drive so i handed my husband Tony the keys sayin' "I don't think I should drive..." I was wondering how odd to feel this way it had been at least a month from my last gin&tonic so I noted back at him "Maybe it was the Gin???" He retorted "Well.....I know it wasn't the tonic!" I laughed till my sides hurt, shaking my head at how silly I really am!

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