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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Keepin' it Family

It was rather a challenge to get a bird dog like my cockier spaniel focused on a "Family photo"....In our cabin by the coast there was this huge balcony overlooking a forest like swap where the birds of a hundred variety lived.
It was creepy on the very first night to be woken up to a screeching cat fight but rather sounded like racoons to husband Tony shot awake in bed exclaiming "What the fuck!?!" I chuckled with my eyes still close replying calmly "Racoons." Tone flopped back into his space "Shit! Ranger Rick over here...." I patted the dogs against my legs and went back to sleep only to hear an owl a few hours later.....
The truth was most nights there was very peaceful and lovely, but the wild life was huge! The ocean side was up the hillside and down a long trail then the shore opened up into a nook. A private feeling beach front against huge rocks and cliff side forest of trees and elk! I loved all the birds like seagulls and puffins resting out in front the summer sun light against the wind and waves.
The huge bald eagles flew down a few times but I kept my dogs close in arm when they did this, I doubt they would want to eat a 40 pound dog like Minnie but never the less those huge birds freak me out a best friend Benny would have seen them saying "Watch out Deb! I think they see ya now!" then laugh really hard like my fear of birds was hysterical but it was more my crazy faces as I ducked into hiding exclaiming "Holy shit! frickin birds!" 
Trying to take a family picture of our last day on vacation was like trying to get a toddler away from the candy store to smile happily all together! Minnie never wanted to take her bird hunting eyes off of those flying things!
While Oscar and I look at each other in mutual understanding over our dislike for ANY bird drama. It was rather comical trying to get the family in a pose on that deck in the crazy forest surrounding us!

We were happy to get one last picture with Tony sitting holding our bird focused silly Minnie Mouse and calling ourselves FAMILY!

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