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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Keepin' It Classy

There are many favorite spots and places here in Cannon beach, Over the last 10 years I have discovered and been apart of this vacation hot spot that it is my very idea in classiness!
Old doll house shops with unique landscaping and ocean front views.....
The small town of stores and pubs, of fine dinning and fine wines makes being here in all kinds of weather worth every minuet!
We have been here for Christmas, for Valentines day, a few times over the fourth of July and last year it was Thanksgiving weekend that refreshed my chaotic stands Haystack rock. I am not really big into famous land marks but I am happy to see THIS huge familiar comforting rock against the ocean waters.
I walked through the adorable farmer's market the other afternoon, live music and wine tasting. Booths with fresh produce, with specialty cheeses and baked goods. I walk in the warmth of the sun light which still was very cold compared to back home in Boise Idaho where 108' sweated all my extra fat away!
Here is a small ocean side town with no fast food, no malls or thank the good lord above NO wal-marts! This is a community for escape, for classy calmness and peaceful good moments by the coastal beauty!
When I come here, I enjoy every second and every moment of stepping back into time of a simple way of celebrating such a good good life!

Romance fills your lungs as the sound of seagulls fills your ears, comfort and coziness warms your heart like the sweaters you have to wear in this breeze. Green is all the surrounding earth, aromas of smoked pizzas and roasted coffee alert your nose and eyes to capture this place, this classy space on this beautiful earth!

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