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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Be with me

It was raining hard outside but I was still very determined to paint my bedroom, my husband Tony was watching Tv out in our condo's living room. I mentioned that Benny could be stopping by, he mumbled "We are NOT babysitting. I rolled my eyes back him in my clear cut reply "YOU might not be babysitting...but I don't mind!" He snorted back. "I'm serious if she leaves that baby here I'll go do some work at the office." I nodded happily agreeing "What a good idea then!" Tony was left pouting like he does at the change of plans in the lazy weekend day. Benny knew better then to ever ask Tone to babysit when all he ever did was call her daughter an "IT".....Bringing us such laughter of course and We both had clear ways to correct him pretty often, I would get pretty annoyed at my husband whose fears of babies and children was so blatantly rude at times.
When Benny arrived Tony sighed relief "Oh Good it's just you..." he stated as she questioned him further "Just me....? he explained "Yeah just you,  no diaper bag or screaming brat." I shook my head and Benny burst out laughing. Then she proudly smiled back at Tony explaining "Matt is carrying HER in after he parks the car." so it was my turn to burst out laughing and high five my best friend! 
Now I always loved having company even if it was a tight squeeze in our condo, Tony gave Benny's husband a beer they watched the game as us girls went into the master bedroom a huge place for such a tiny condo. I was in the middle of a painting project with a creamy purple color around the 2 wall of those bedroom windows, I was in my paint covered clothes and step stool as we chatted away the night. Benny was very comfortable on the big fluffy bed with her little girl napping. All in all I thought it was such a great night getting my home project done while lost in conversations with Benny. She flipped through my color wheel asking "How in the world did you come up with this awesome color? I would NEVER had thought to paint a wall this?!?" I pause thinking a moment "From Oprah." I grinned and Benny snorted back "Oh yes of course you would!" Then as I edged the window cell she asked "Why only these 2 walls?" I smiled stopping a moment "Because it so dark and really purple it would make this room feel smaller if all the walls are the same....My goal is to have these walls purple with white curtains and white picture frames to pop out then the white walls with have purple decor and off set each other." Benny nodded looking around "I really love this purple! I can't say it enough but I really want to touch it...even paint EVERYTHING with it....soooo cool!"
I laughed getting back to work "My sister says this place is turning into a rainbow reminding her of a Mexican home." Benny sat up starring at me with choke "Oh that Dana......she is a unique one! We love her though." Shaking her head and settling back down by her sweet little baby girl. Kissing Hannah's soft head was all I could in my painting hands.....The night went well past midnight, feeling like it was a slumber Benny and I talked about everything from A to Z. While Tony stuck his head in every so often hinting how late it was getting to which we girls would burst out laughing at him. Benny changed her baby's diaper as Tone appear, he squealed "OH MY GOD! NOT on MY bed! GROSS!" then he choked and hacked as all of us in the condo roared with common laughter, I simply pointed my finger at my dramatic husband demanding him "Don't puke." He race off to the bathroom for a while as Benny hurried up shaking her head. "Wonder if we should call him Derek?" I was drinking water that ended up backfiring out in my laugh, "Oh God Tony IS acting like Derek isn't he? Telling us it's getting late! I remember being so afraid Derek would tell Mom that you were a horrible influence on me! Knowing her I might never had been able to have you over!." Benny nodded "You would have found a way around it, you ALWAYS clever Debster!" After Tony appeared again looking very white and pale slowly looking to make sure the diapers were picked up. He simply stated having over heard us "HEY I am not like Derek.....GEE, DEB." Then winked at us as we exploded into squeals of annoyance of the mimicking of my brother. That was such a fun time hanging out all together, Benny asked before they took off  "Can you come out to Jerome and be with me for a week? I need help getting my home in order with having a baby and having all this stuff piling up?" I agreed happily to share all my homemaking skills with her as soon as I was free. I was left that late night thinking about the history in our lives that sharing with a life long friend makes dealing with it all so much easier!
I use to say it ALL the time "Ya Know Benny when we are old we will be able to help each other remember all these little things about right now that we could forget!" Benny would reply back in a sarcastic way "Speak for yourself Girl, I am never getting old." 

It can feel confusing right now wishing Benny could be with me!

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