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Friday, July 12, 2013

Keepin' It Going

When a huge gust of wind hit the open seating on the patio of the restraunt "The Driftwood" I shivered and hunched over to protect myself in my tank top. "I thought this was the 5th of July?" I joked next to my husband Tony. He shot up from our table "I'll be right back...." I sat there wondering how long could I sit here enjoying oyster shooters and steamed clams in this cold windy breeze. I sipped on my gin & tonic waiting on Tone. 

    He appeared back to our patio table with a green hoody, I looked up at him in surprise "Where did you get that?" I asked as he handed it to me "If my Baby is cold then I should get off my ass to buy her a jacket!" He grinned so big as I just shook my head in bewilderment. Instantly I was made warm as the wind now blew around my soft brand new hoody with the name of the place printed on the back. "I can't believe what a difference it makes! I can sit here now for another hour, so bring on the gin&tonics! HA!" I exclaimed as Tony smiled proudly. He dug into the freshly hot bowl of clams asking "How do you think a guy like me stays married for so long?" I made a funny face back at my husband trying to figure out what he was asking, hesitating as I answered him back "Yoooooou buy stuff??? that what you are saying?" Tony threw his head back to laugh "NO! I make it COMFORTABLE to be around me! hahahahahaha your face just now...I wouldn't think buying you stuff could ever impress you, I know you ALL to well for THAT! hahahahahaha" he winked at me as I nodded happily back at him settling in to drink more of my cocktail in the cozy warmth of my new anniversary gift, my driftwood hoody!

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