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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Dear girl!

So you sailed away.....into a gray sky morning.
And You were my best friend.....
I wonder if  I told you that enough?
I wonder if I told you how beautiful you always were! from the outside IN, deeply beautiful!
And I miss you......

I still laugh in remembering you braiding my hair, or helping me knit a hat while quoting Harry Potter lines together. I still laugh remembering when that cowboy guy came over asking if I played "pool" I joked looking right at you instead saying "No but I like swimming in one!" he walked away while watching us as You simply shook your head and warned me "He will teach you more then how to play pool." I leaned closer to you in surprise saying "YIKES!" then you laughed even more!

I still laugh in remembering as we ate spicy chicken while you fanned your mouth exclaiming "Hot, hot, to hot! Oh no what I am gonna do?!"
I quickly replied "Eat some cheese!
that will take away the heat!" You chewed a
couple of bites suddenly squealing "It's pepper jack cheese!"
I fell over laughing till tears filled my eyes.

And I still have tears.

I wonder if you knew that I will always
remember our friendship, and our stories?

I still laugh in remembering when we walked
down the sunny street in the cold winter's
afternoon arm in arm from my cottage. We walked to the coffee shop
and you said I was crazy to get all bundled up....instead of taking the car!
and I said it was all about the fresh air, for we had such
a good time in that long walk arm in arm as I recall!

Nothing's quite the same now,
now you have gone away forever,
I am left in this cloudy world of flooding memories, real as if they had just happened and flooding tears for my sense of deep lost. It is all so raw, so strange and every morning I want to talk to you about it, about THIS very sad time in my life...................

Only now I am left still living on here missing you my dear girl!

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