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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Keepin' It Familar

When we hit the road from Boise Idaho to Cannon Beach Oregon, my dog Oscar knew what was up, and how to behave. He wasted no time in getting his potty time in and his drinking water breaks first. He climbed into his open crate to sleep and not get step on by our clumsy fatty Cocker Spaniel Minnie.
Minnie has never been to the ocean before, her view on the whole place is in wonder as she trucked right out into the white waves just as soon as she got wet she ran back to me and laid down.
She isn't one for long hikes or big journeys, in her blankets and pillows on the road trip I had to use my shirt to block the sun shinning through her side of the car window. 
I had to really make sure she drank water also, the cabin we are renting is beautiful, cozy and comfortable. The neighborhood is both quiet and away from the main part of town....
We love it here!
This is a part of my idea on traveling and vacationing, if you go somewhere familiar when you deeply need rest then THAT is a real getaway. There is no need to race around and see everything in town for we have been here a hundred times!
Instead we nap, we read, we walk and we sit on the beach in comfortable relaxation! Our dogs beside us, our cocktails in hand and our view of the ocean brings such joy in getting away from everything else right now!
Oscar watches over Minnie as she bolts for every bird, as she runs away for miles only to return out of breath and thirsty.
I keep both dogs in my sight at all times but over the vast sand there are funny moments when Minnie will find new people to lay next to as if she had known them all along or try to out run the bigger dogs, She is in her happy zone while Oscar follows worriedly looking back at me to make sure her behavior is acceptable. Every evening they sleep away such familiar adventures of the coast line, of such extreme exercises. My delight is in watching what they will do, my laughter grows as those dogs bring out their different personalities!

Keepin' it familiar and free is what I love about being by the sea!

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  1. i love that beach.. so many special memories there. Walking through town visiting all the art galleries... taking my sketch pad out and letting my creativity flow... there is no place on earth where i have felt the peace and tranquility that THAT beach brings to me. love that you are having a great time and so happy that you are part of our family!