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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Loving Sidda

When I began dog sitting it was so easy to do, I liked how happy my own dog Oscar was for many of those companionship. The most noticeable behavior in him was that smaller dogs were clearly his favorite, he loving protected them from bigger dogs walking up on them. He likes to lay on his belly to play and roll around with such smaller dogs. Sydney (or as I call her Sidda) came to stay a few days with no trouble and no problems for a single second. Oscar loved her at first sight and they ran the trails of parks together even off leash at times with no problems, always listening to me and coming back together so very happy together side by side. I loved the moments when Sidda could be apart of our family, when I got to dog sit her and Then the conversation unfolded so naturally where her owner said "I need to find her a good home, I can't give her the attention she loves." I replied back without a second thought or doubt "Sydney can live here, we love her and she likes Oscar too.Then you can see her whenever we get together!" It was settled just like that, Loving Sidda is so sweetly easy from the very first night to right now when she sleeps on my shoulder when we lay together on the couch or sit outside. Loving Sidda when she looks out the window at me with ears up and her fluffy tail wagging or Loving Sidda when she doesn't like the cold or the dog park.  Loving Sidda as she dances or snorts, licks and snuggles. Loving Sidda is the smile on my face, FOR Loving Sidda is one of my favorite parts of each new day

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