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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Loving my life!

It has been adventurous falling in love with my pets, For I AM soooooo very much in LOVE!
 Being "IN" Love is a wonderful feeling of excitement full of sparks and smiles of a journey for the soul....Sometimes being in love is like a dream, a story much like a fairy tale! Each morning I look forward to cuddling with my cats and letting my dogs run around outside. Loving my life is so easy to do with so much life around me, even my chickens recognize me as I watch over my dogs in our big backyard. (I don't think that they love me, just the fresh water and grains I bring them)
This winter has found us all cozily living mostly on the couch for breakfast and coffee, After I do my cleaning chores so the cats have clean potty places, refreshed foods and waters I brush them out and talk to each one.
The dogs eat breakfast first thing in the morning while I get the eggs and coffee cooking. Then we all find a blanket to matter where I sit my dogs will find a spot beside me for that long mid-morning nap. I cuddle and kiss my dogs all day long, but being outside gardening or sitting in the sun shine with them is some of my favorite moments!

Loving my life is so easy that right now I see it as the beautiful trio! 
My beautiful dogs and my beautiful cats! I keep the home cozy, warm and clean. A friend of mine just stated my dogs are the most well groomed dogs she has ever seen and I was very proud of the comment! Fat cats and well behaved dogs all laying together make loving my life even more joyous!
Funny stories and fluffy faces follow me around every evening, each night as I call in the pets to put to bed I also double check that each cat has a bed if not sharing my own. I'm in love with my life and my time on this earth.....A bed full of critters is a true fairy tale come to life for me! Being "in-Love" and loving my life all goes hand in hand for the happy smile on my face!

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