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Friday, February 8, 2013

Loving Lewis

            Hard to believe it was a little over year ago when I got to "pet sit" for my neighbor Alex, who was away for a week. He had asked me to feed the chickens and watch over the place. But my favorite part of the job was caring for his big black cat Lewis. I knew the cat already for he would let me pet and talk to him on the shared sidewalk. Hard to believe that wasn't very long ago as this very morning I was carrying Lewis so routinely to his breakfast, then to let him outside for that fresh morning light he loves so much. I drank my first cup of coffee watching him move around out the front yard full of freshly fallen snow. It made me start reminiscing of just Last winter.......

"Lewy, Lewy." I would call every morning he would wander out to see me by the open door as I was done caring over the chickens. "Well....are you coming outside right now?" I would ask while he would look carefully out the open door not really sure to commit...I would wait as he decided then he would protest to the new snow or rain fall. How clever he always is, meowing at the very same reason I am also upset by bad weather, THIS always makes me laugh so much!

 I remember those cold winter nights making sure he got inside to fresh water and food then I would sit on the floor awhile to give him the proper attention he craved, his purring was loud echoing through out the dark evenings of the dark quiet home. I liked having nothing to distract me as I carried him inside for the night and spend time just cuddling him while I would always promise to be back first thing in the morning for him, we were just friends back then. He didn't fully trust my family of dogs but in these last several months I have come to teach him not to panic when I am there, we are very much like family now. Each late night after I get everyone else in bed then I go looking for him, Loving Lewis is such an easy thing to do. He is grateful for the attention but can also do so many things on his own, yet he looks for me as I look for him every day. I woke up today with him at my feet deeply sleeping up against my big brown dog Minnie, they are becoming companions this winter even share in the same dog crate for an afternoon nap. These moments amaze me or make me laugh once again....for animals of all kinds need companionship. I do so love to smoother my pets with kisses, hugs and conversations the first few times I did this to Lewis he squinted his face up like he was saying "Ooooh gross!" now he struts proudly letting me cuddle on him freely like he is saying "YUP she loves me....I know I'm the cat's meow." I call out from the doorway as he goes "Be careful out there,and don't stay out to late Lewy Love!" He often will wag his tail once as he goes on to the next adventure in the day....always knowing he has a place to stay warm and dry or get smothered in kisses!


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