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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Loving Tinker

It was always odd to me how Tinker came to live with us, Oscar was just a puppy running out the front door to pee outside as I held the long leash in one hand and my coffee cup in the other. I turned the corner in the first dry sunny morning in that wet spring only to see the tiny sickly thing. "Oh look it's a kitten I think" I said turning back to get my puppy in the car only to come back the pathway to find my husband holding it. "Don't touch could have ring worm or pink eye." I looked over baby Tinker with bad eyes and wheezing thinking "Oh dear my husband has fallen in love and now I need to setup the home for healing this kitten."  Loving Tinker Belle took some time as she was thoroughly ugly and sickly, as she upset my puppy for a while and she needed expensive medication. I had fun watching her plump up, get well and becoming such a cozy fluffy cat. She liked growing up riding on my shoulder, chasing wrinkled paper balls across the hallway floors. I remember when Tinker accidentally went outside after she had been rescued a year later only to freak out crying and meowing like she was going to be murdered. Loving Tinker has been a  journey of many funny stories. She spent the first 4 years in our condo with her swinging toys from the door handles to her endless food and water on her OWN table, she became so spoiled that when we moved it took her a few weeks to come out of her hiding place. Loving Tinker Belle over the last 6 years has been easier for my husband then for me. She has sparkling blue eyes, cuddles at night and meows back whenever we say her name, she hates to share but is learning how to do it better now. I forget sometimes she is a cat and not a dog, cats do not follow the rules or commands like dog I will be carrying tinker the she will freak out on me suddenly and the scratches will burn on my neck or back. I like how beautiful she is all fat and fluffy, clever even caring for the dogs by licking their ears for them. BUT Loving her is hard when she freaks out, hissing growling and swiping at me or another pet. I will simply wrap her in a blanket then set her in the other bedroom to give her time to not be so spoiled. Tinker's story from rags to riches, from almost being put to sleep at the humane society to coming home with us, from being Queen of her home to sharing with other cats. She has given me attitude and affirmation, sweetness and spiciness. She challenges and she gives in, she glares or she purs.....Loving her as the high maintenance cat that she is, I know nothing will ever be boring when living along side her! She is the kind of cat that walks like a snow leopard seeking her own space and her own way. She will push up against ya for attention but once you start smothering her she pushes away in such annoyance.I do Love her but it has be unconditionally or else I would think she has become a grumpy spoiled old cat!

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