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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Loving Jazmin

When I swung by my friend's animal rescue last week to help walk some of the dogs and cuddle with her puppies. I learned about how to foster, how to rescue and adopt animals, I saw the most friendliest grown cat named Jazmin. My cousin Ryan had joined me, so his love for cats and her sweetest attitude made them inseparable. I had been feeling sad over the house cat Lewis moving on with our roommate, so as Ryan and I walked the dogs we talked about that adorable cat, Jazmin. Even though Ryan has just gotten a new cat named Hops for his new apartment here in Boise, we talked about her living with him one day when it works out but really she is truly perfect that I would keep her happily by my side if it doesn't work out for him! She follows me all around the backyard, even naps in the sunlight. She is one of the most beautiful cats I have ever seen, she rubs up to all the pets without any fear even my old Stinky Tinker is surprised by how nice Jazzy is! (Doesn't change the fact Tinker is mean though)  This has been a busy week with Jazzy here but she fits in better then ever Tinker has, I've been super happy lately that Lewis is also staying on! I would say I am actually very giddy in having Lewis in my arms all the more! What is wonderful to watch is how good Lewis and Jazzy get along, they have become cuddling cats side by side. In fact Jazzy is so sweet to Lewy that they nap together, lick each other and share my arms at the same time with no cat fights or disagreement! Jazmin made friends with everyone within the first night here! (expect Tinker but she still has a hard time once in awhile with Lewis too) Loving Jazmin is so new and exciting even miraculous in my opinion, for she will let me swing her up in my arms while the dogs run around me or while Tinker is growling (I like that Tinker has her own bedroom now) Jazzy will ride on my shoulders purring away and never bring her claws out for anything. She meows at the sound of her name, she will curl up into a ball sleeping deeply and she loves my cans of tuna! (Since Tinker's collar is pink, Lewis is blue, I gave Jazzy a purple collar and now I feel like such a proud Momma, full of love and full of joy) Last night in the dark outside pouring down rain Jazzy race outside with the dogs then came back in with them at the sound of my voice,Loving Jazzy is so easily she really wants to be just like the dogs, she seems safe and trusting walking between them and staying close to them. As the darkness was hard to see through due such rain I then heard a far away meow of Lewis down the other end of the neighborhood, so I race off to get him, happily he purred in my arms as I brought him inside. Sweet Jazzy wasted no time to help lick him dry again! I loved watching this as Lewis seemed so calm being warm again. Loving Jazzy is so easy, I am in such awe! I am in such delight at how well it all works out! She is the sweetest, clever and calm cat full of  thoughtfulness! I deeply LOVE getting to love on her!

Ryan asked "What is Tony going to say? because I'm not sure that I can have more then one cat right now?" I chuckled as Jazmin meowed from the crate in the car as we drove home. Ryan loved that cat as much as I did, she needed a home right away so we could give it to her between the both of us, I replied "He will think THANK GOD it's not a litter of Puppies!" I explained "I've never been worried about Tony's reaction for he knew when he married me how I am about animal care, he only got so mad at me once over my rescuing animals because I was so emotional over Minnie coming to our home, My sister said if I didn't take Minnie in, then she was going to shoot her I was devastated, he was more worried then mad I think! He would never keep me from being who I am so I know however Jazzy's life story goes I can help out!" I was smiling all the way home with such a jewel found in this awesome cat!

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