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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My first sexy man

          When I was a kid the television was a common schedule for everyone. Meals were cooked and carried to the front of the TV in a mad rush to not miss this week's latest drama shows, oh how I remember when "Dr. Quin, Medicine woman" came to TV.....Now I wasn't allowed to watch the show of course it was about a woman doctor defying the times of the wild west and not staying in her place at home, instead she went off as a single lady to bravely save and heal the sick. My mother didn't approve so naturally I found ways around her rule to watch the show whenever I could! (Even though Both of my Grandmothers watched the show regularly) 
Whenever all my aunts got together I would sit at their feet or on their laps listening to them laugh and squeal over this new show, sometimes my mother would drag me out of the room and tell me to go "Play" but I was always paying attention and curious to why a TV drama looked so interesting but was so bad in my parent's point of view.....AND then I saw HIM, the first sexy man of my life or at least of my awareness! He was the main talk of all my aunts, even my little Grandma Norma would giggle at me saying how he was just her type and I would wonder why this show was forbidden. It was a very popular show, the story of a beautiful amazing woman slowly falling in love with this nicely strong kinda Indian, kinda white man shy guy. (He had that perfectly shampooed and conditioned hair that never got messed up, it was MAGICAL) AND let's not forget he had a DOG! 
YUP at 16 years old I fell in love with Sully!

 Now my Grandma Norma would usually smile understandingly at me every Saturday night, sometimes she would explain what I may had missed in the previous episode. If she was feeling grumpy she would set the rule of no talking until the commercials. It took such a long time to get this schedule down, if my mother suspected anything I couldn't sneak up the hill to grandma's home. On those special Saturday nights when I could race up before 7pm to lay on the soft pink rug of the basement floor to excitedly watch this show, my Grandma would give me a small bowl of popcorn and gossip about the show as if it were real to her. I truly believe it was a harmless show even now looking back, also I would have to say a bit cheesy and predicable perhaps but I was young and thought that if most of my extended family was watching it I could too!
 THIS was a show of exciting lives, of a small town in some kind of chaos coming together to learn new lessons in life, of the sexiest man I had ever seen somehow always be at the right place at the right time to rescue the ever lovely Dr. Quinn. He was so self-confident, while also being always kind, a good man with a good dog (OH did I mention he had AMAZING hair? Because just in case I haven't stressed it enough he was soooo HANDSOME in that hair!)

          I couldn't help but ask out loud as the show was unfolding to my Grandma while she laid on her long gray couch in front of her big screen TV. I squawked "WHY in the world would Sully be wearing a suit? He looks ridiculous!?!" My Grandma laughed explaining "He is trying to be a "Gentleman" in her society, he is proving that by wearing such uncomfortable clothing he loves her and is also willing go any where to BE with her." I snorted back frustratedly "Well, that is stupid!" Grandma paused with some popcorn in her hand to reply "Why is it stupid? He LOVES her and she needs him to do this FOR her...?" I shrugged and snorted again "He should just be himself, to be honest in what he usually wears for if she really loves him back then she won't care. I think he is being ridiculous!" Grandma shook her head at me with a half smile explaining "Oh just wait one day you will change your mind about why he is dressing this way, for there will be someone you will fall in love with and you'll WANT to wear what they like in order to be around them." I rolled my eyes and shook my head for my defense as grandma giggled again then I sat there thinking to myself about why this episode upset me so much, The struggles of miscommunications, or those long stares in mystery and then the clothes that didn't match the kind of guy Sully really was. I decided if it was TRUE love then she wouldn't make him change and he wouldn't change her. Even though I was very young back then sneaking in an episode here and there I came to the conclusion that the quiet forest where Sully lived with his wolf dog in his casual clothing was far better then the top hats and ties of the big city, to me LOVE didn't mean you had to change, it meant that you should find someone kinda the same as yourself....
The first sexiest man I was paying attention to was on TV AND he sure seemed to have it all, then of course I realized it MUST of been his hair, that perfect body long locks of hair really was working for him!

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