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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Loving Minnie

It still amazes me at times when I am walking my 3 dogs at the parks here in the ever beautiful city of Boise, that I have such a nice system of leashes and hands.....If you had asked me a year ago I would have said that I was on the lookout for a walking partner, someone who would like to help me walk these 3 dogs but I've learned to do it on my own.

It was funny how Oscar and I walked every where or played Frisbee for hours the years before Minnie and Sidda came to live with us. Now I found myself jumping and dancing over leashes and dogs going all over the pathway.....Loving Minnie is so easy when she wakes up every morning with this excitement "WE made it through the night all together!!!!" Then she snorts and rolls her way through the messed up bedding....she bolts down to the floor and slides outside running into the door or walls as she goes. She lets her tongue hang out as she runs around, she makes a snorting noise or a deep rolling bark. Her big brown eyes, her chubby legs waddle around as she lives truly happy every single day! Loving Minnie was one of those crazy stories that she came to live with me in her lonely needing ways making a calm and happy home with us. Now she naps daily on a couch pillow with her head like a dog use to these perfect comforts, when really she first was known as a stray....(From rags to riches)
Minnie watches Oscar when ever I give a command and follows in step with an overwhelming excited way. She loves food and loves to eat more then anything else, or she hides extra food in her crate. Every night Minnie goes to bed quickly laying in the center of the bed by our feet then not moving until morning. her loyalty and her love is so sweetly seen in everything she does, when I take her to the dog park she runs fast and adorably after all the big dogs, most everyone who sees her like that running and playing will say she is a true Hippy like dog. I can't imagine not having Minnie in our lives, in our home.  She is so easy to love,  she is so laid back and chilled out and what I see when I spend time just watching her run about or nap is that she is a honestly grateful dog. She looks at us all like she is proud to have a FOREVER family, hitting the jackpot was when she was dropped off in my backyard and I said smiling at her "Well there you are my Lady, Aren't you are super cute. Don't worry you'll be safe now." In that glowing fall afternoon she scooted up to me carefully and I went down on my knees to be lower for her to start trusting again....Loving Minnie has been one of the easiest things to do in my day!

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