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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Celebratng the month of LOVE

Yesterday was the first of the month, I was amazed that this month of LOVE has arrived so quickly.... I'm also amazed at how rich and full my life is with so many people to share in all these loving moments!
My hubby Tony and I had to run into Nampa so he took me out for breakfast at the greasy spoon 50's restraunt "Rockies" in our neighborhood...THIS was such a funny moment as I was sleeping surround by my pets then Tony called out to me to get up but I didn't move at all. Then he suggested "How about we leave soon to have time in going out for breakfast?" I suddenly shot out of bed to care for the animals and swing my sweater on for the busy fun day ahead. Tony laughed so hard and long at how predicable I am, I HATE cold winter mornings so I sleep in way late in hopes to see sunshine then I bundle up drinking coffee and never plan to go out until later afternoon when it's a bit warmer. ONLY when promised to go out for breakfast do I get up quickly, this is one of my husband's favorite things to say to me when he can't get me to really wake up early especially in the winter.....
Once we arrived for breakfast the young girls working said they haven't seen us forever but remembered our usual breakfast orders, I was truly impressed for this is one of my favorite places while singing along to the "Oldies" music and enjoying the James Dean posters.
Later on yesterday my boss from my fair job wanted to try eating sushi so the ladies lunch time was really fun! I got to share all the info on my favorite dishes thinking of how magical my life is full of friends! The whole day seemed very busy, yet really fun on a super social the evening when my cousins took me out for my birthday downtown I was really feeling energized and happy! During the winter season I like to hibernate, to stay home and off bad roads....Yesterday was the first day of new month so having a nice clear sky got me planning for spring and spending a day full of hanging out with friends and family was so refreshing that I knew celebrating this month of LOVE will bring many good times and good laughs ahead! I love my cousins! They are very nice young men, I enjoy being close by to hang out with them. I love my Fair job! Having such fun ladies for good friendships all year long makes working together so enjoyable! I love my home! Full of projects and pets being there is the coziest place I know! I love my Hubby! who can get me out of bed finally with the promise of going out for breakfast and how humorous, how charming he is! I love this new month of February! Which will quickly take us out of the cold winter to amazing spring!
CELEBRATE all the LOVE you carry for the world in this month!

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