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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What is LOVE?

      The simple question of "What is LOVE?" isn't so simple in answering, I have been a spokesperson for LOVE for many many years now. Like how some people preach faith, god and religious rules I preach in much the same way for LOVE. I really believe IN love and have dedicated my life to it's message, to it's magical power and comfort!
Some people throw themselves into politics, into money making careers, or into other forms of perfections or hobbies. I have thrown myself into LOVE, I can't stress enough on how important this month of Love is, in my opinion it is the most important holiday that brings us back to true love and everlasting love, unconditional love, secret loves or wide open honest proud loves! It all starts and ends with LOVE in my belief system, in my passionate quest to solve the world's problems...I honestly think LOVE is all we need!

Now Lustful love has it's own place, it is why the culture runs for chocolate hearts and red wine come each Valentines, sexual pleasure in finding your soul-mate and being reminded to celebrate on that holiday isn't anything to be ashamed, yet I hope that you can see the bigger picture apart from that tradition. For love has many layers, Even for kids with crushes getting to send a card to someone they are to shy to like out loud or they give red roses to their parents, it is all the same important LOVE to be celebrated! Love is far bigger then anything a simple question "What is LOVE?" can ever capture!
The bible can capture God for some people but for me there isn't a limitation, God is always evolving and changing with time, my idea of God has grown and change with my own time as well....very much like LOVE I see the spiritual world made far better when LOVE comes first and center in it! My God IS made of LOVE, always and ever more full of LOVE with no judgements or limits. I preach LOVE as a form of God's personal name, yet maybe there isn't a God after all and I am just guessing to make one up in my mind....BUT there IS proof of LOVE, for I have a certainty that LOVE is real, it is also  everlasting and existing in my soul, THIS I DO know! Such an encouraging thought full of  hope! With a clear freedom to live along side LOVE! I never get worn out believing in LOVE! I will never stop advocating on it's behalf that if we had that kind of faith in LOVE as has been seen for God then this whole world would be a very different place maybe even a utopia as wished for in our day dreams, in our passions and most importantly in our deep desires.....LOVE is the most amazing emotion, the most amazing power to give life and I have always wanted to create a simple answer for "what is LOVE?" Yet to everyone through out my life it means such different things that all I can do is share what it is for me.....LOVE is celebrating others, it is living to better the days and care for each soul that steps across my path. I will live with love until I die and even then I will keep it by my side for maybe that is why death doesn't scare me, I have found LOVE to be all fulfilling leaving no more room for fears or doubt. I will always LOVE the month of February, for each day is a gift and the holiday of LOVE coming up soon is the best reminder that even if we are alone, we will always have LOVE living in our hearts to give and share through out another year! LOVE lifts us up outside of our self, gives us bravery and comfort and most importantly brings harmony to all the living!

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