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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Red Velvet and that little girl smile......

I am not sure if my husband would think I am as clever and funny as I personally see myself BUT I defiantly can laugh looking back every time:-)

It was fun to bake all the time when I was a baking fool and in our days of the condo either dancing down the smooth long hallway, watching TV or baking were pretty much it.
I was overhearing the loud noises from the TV in my tiny kitchen as I jumped back suddenly and spun around in alarm with my big fluffy white towel covered in Red Velvet Cake batter exclaiming "OH MY GOD! TONY LOOK!" He screamed suddenly at this sight as I held the towel out right in front of him. So from his cozy chair in front of the TV He jumped back after his first scream with wide eyes and yelled "WHAT THE....!?!" I stop my dramatic look of panic with a normal sigh trying not to die laughing at Tony's frozen face explaining "I got red velvet cake batter all over my new kitchen towel...." He replied "That wasn't are not very good with using knifes, what the hell was I going to do?" My heavy laughter had me crawling back to the kitchen of baking......

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