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Saturday, January 7, 2012

2000 New year's Eve

It was a very popular new year's eve, turning into the year 2000. I remember it very well with all the news coverage asking if our computer system would fail. That all of the country's functioning system will simply shut down in this new year because of those 0's to process. I was 20 years old so I never really stop to wonder if Y2K was an actual threat.
I was spending the night with my best friend Joanie, just like in the past few years before. We would spend a few hours on our make up, clothes and finger nail polish. We ran around her bathroom in curlers and tank tops laughing and excited for the all night plans. Friends from our church had a huge bond fire and party that went late into the night. So In order for me to brake my curfew I would sleep over at Joanie's with no problems. It was nice to also have someone in the car with me driving back from the party in that dark country side. I was also big into doing my hair in crazy ways, like sparkling garland of fun festive colors wrapped through my braids or one year I wore pig tails each with a little pin wheels above my head. It is true every new year's eve my head looked crazy! Most people would smile and shake their head at me but I loved this fun part of celebrating that even those who didn't like it never got to me. I wanted to have as much fun as possible to welcome in a whole year! One New year's eve party both Joanie and I rolled glitter in our hair and over our faces, THAT was the beginning of 2000! I remember how the phone was ringing in the empty house I had entered as the whole group of people were outside singing in the midnight hour. When I answered the phone I was so surprised my boyfriend Tony was on the other line. "How did you get this number?!?" I asked laughing we had been dating only a few months so everything with him in my life was new and challenging. Because he invited me to join him and his family downtown Boise for the big city celebration but sadly my parents said no to that idea. I stayed with my plans in being with my best friend instead however he was on my mind the whole time, "I wonder if Tony is having fun in Boise?" I was thinking out an hour and half away fro the city on the country side with that wide open starry sky filled with wood smoke. Suddenly here he was on the phone now wishing me a happy new year's eve! i couldn't believe it and we talked for a long while. He said he raced to his parents hotel room right after the countdown to reach me in time for a wish in new year 2000! "Hmmm what do I wish for...?" I giggled as Tony asked me. He explained "A wish for something to be better in this new year or you make a resolution something like that." I said "Well talking to you on the phone alone is a wish come true!" He chuckled and I knew that I had such a sweet sweet boyfriend! It was one of those new year's eve that makes me smile big when I remember in awe that I was right by the phone when he called and yet we were miles away from each other even worlds apart, my cherry coke wasn't the same bubbles as his champagne as we sipped our drinks and chatted with each other over how nice it was that nothing shut down with this new year 2000. That sweet conversation with Tony made me know this was one of  a kind new year's eve to always remember, I mentioned "Next year I think I am going tie balloons to my pony tail....." I spun the pin wheel on the side of my head at that moment thinking how most people said this made me look like someone off of "Star Wars". Tony let out a loud laugh and replied "That would be so awesome! You should!" and I knew right then at that moment holding the old school phone to my ears that I was defiantly in love !!!! 

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