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Sunday, January 8, 2012

It's Cooking Time!

This new year reminds me how less and less time I spent in the kitchen over the last 6 months......almost like I was lost in direction. I would be home but not creative enough to know what to cook. 
THIS new cookbook "Paleo Comfort Foods" has inspired me to get into the coconut oil again!
I have a family full of great cooks like both sets of in-laws, whose shared passion for BBQing and baking have been fun to taste! My own Husband's talent to spin a platter of food out of only 3 or 4 things makes me realize how cooking impaired I honestly am! I grew up with a mother who made everything from scratch, apple pies, chicken pot pies and mashed potatoes......Lately I have realized the way my mother cooked and ate herself contributes to her stroke. I want to now make my foods a bit more simple. Getting back to the basic REAL fat and discover the real taste, there isn't much to go on about why my mother had her stroke in her early fifties....SO I can only listen to my own body, now as I am learning how plaque and damaged inflammation have no visual outside detection. I am in awe a healthy looking person can be full of blood clots and problems......So whenever I hear someone say "Low fat or fat free" I cringed within my new understanding....Cooking paleo has healed my body from the inside out! Over this past year I am a completely different person in my weight and strength, I LOVE my bacon grease that brings my skin around to a healthy balance and gives me such new energy! Last week I was helping my mother bake bread rolls and I ate one happily only to have 3 hours later the worse cramping pain in my stomach it has been weeks since I have eaten any bread like thing so as I killed over in pain I realized I can't ever go back, I just won't let my body hurt this way anymore.....No matter how hot and fresh those rolls are:-)
This week I baked stuffed peppers from this cookbook and actually am filling the pages with my own sticky notes of fun ideas! The stuffed peppers had grounded hamburger with diced onions, garlic, cilantro (I was out of parsley) along with green onion and pieces from the peppers it was really colorful! Then I cooked everything added in fresh ginger and egg to stuff the boiled hollow peppers it was 30 minuets in the oven then Yuminess! I hope to start writing more about these recipes for this cookbook is really FUN! (And no yeast or gluten to take ya down along the way)

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