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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pole Dancing

I have loved Pole dancing for years now, I have tried it out on my own realizing that it takes such strength and muscle to hold such body weight out right while the swinging pulls you out into the air. It is such an amazing feeling of excitement, as well just being pure FUN! 
Most people might think pole dancing is done by only strippers, and I think for me this idea changed while watching the Oprah show maybe 10 years ago when she showed how healthy as well as what a great exercise tool this pole is! I was in AWE with these dancers, for they are truly talented, artistic and of course very STRONG! I would love to take an actual class sometime and let ya know what it is really like.....(My swinging from the pole in the wine tour bus doesn't count but it was a memorable wonderful fun feeling in that one of a kind sexy dancing!)  So remember Don't pass by a pole without at least giving it a twirl:-D