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Friday, January 13, 2012

New years eve party of 2011

It was a beautiful evening to welcome in a new year, I was eagerly seeking to get out of 2011 as fast as I could! So for our celebrating time I enjoyed the variety show at the visual arts collective. It was such a talented fun show with my dear friend Brecca as an MC. I loved dressing up and drinking beer until we moved to champagne at the stroke of midnight. At our table my husband and I met new friends laughing and visiting. We watched in awe at the dancers and actors. We enjoyed a dance on the floor with the many colorful creative people surrounding us. I know that I can't tell if 2012 will be a better year, although I DO know that life needs to be embraced either way it goes....and My new years resolution is to Dance a hell of a lot more! For when I spin arms way out into the afternoon sunshine I can't help but look up at the world with a smile as each day will always start over!
May this new year find you with inner peace, self confidence and unconditional love full of grace in the spirit of who you are as the world keeps moving forward....... 

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