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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I love Horses

The long debate over New York's working horses, those romantic quiet carriage rides through central park and historic buildings have been heating up lately as a battle begins to end their career. Where will the horses go to live or to work if band from the city?
I have long since knew I would never like living in New York city, but if I could go visit then I would enjoy it ALL the more in a horse ride verses a taxi.
No one will ever be able to change my mind about how much I love the natural world first and foremost. I can try and keep up in the modern changes, in the new technology, As long as it will not take away the freedom of life in general. I will never allow it to take away my spark for a romantic life, for living in love!!!
......and I love Horses! They are so amazing and powerful! I was afraid of them as a child, for I had been thrown off their backs a few times. Yet I was taught to never stand directly behind their back legs not without touching the horse from the side carefully allowing the horse to know where I was at all times. I was almost bit on the leg by a stallion so I learned quickly to move fast and watch those ears. I liked watching how their shoes were put on in order to protect the horse's hooves against the asphalt. If it was just dirt then the horse would be in the natural world doing just fine. I can't stop the world from moving on so quickly to block the real dirt, the real earth. I can however respectfully see our modern changes don't always serve a greater good for the rest of the world's creatures.....

I am sadden by the craziness in New York over claiming the carriage horses are abused. I am left to ask so many more questions, for I love horses so much that I would never want them to be harmed or cruelly treated but causing them to be unemployed seems ridiculous in this situation.
If I were worried over the care of these city working horses I would ask the owners to have a check list of steps to take in giving good care,like not working over time or in crazy scary weather. It doesn't seem like a bad request to have some kind of check list, to help everyone be educated on how they are treated and how horses like this work that they do, they want a job and they need to walk everyday.
       I love horses and I even have vivid dreams of them in my life while I sleep at night, these horses came to me in my sleep the day after my best friend died. I feel set free just looking at a horse be in my dreams while I sleep or in person as I am awake.
IF I could give up my car for such a cute little carriage and a peaceful horse, I would!
We need to hang on, to be aware of how far away nature can seem at times, or how misunderstood all animals can be.
I love horses because they are powerful souls almost flying as they run, as they live!

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