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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I love FOOD

It was my first love over ALL things, FOOD. My mother specialized in perfection, sewing, painting, and most importantly cooking!
She wanted to be the perfect homemaker right from the start, so I can relate...I can see where I got my own desires to be good at creating a homey feeling in the places I have lived. My mother cooked so nicely that I had a hard time as a kid not judging other mothers in comparison. Food in general was my favorite thing to study and taste, growing up I ate everything and more! It was a survival instinct to eat but also it was a comforting feeling to find refuge in foods.....My mother was a better baker over all and never let the cookie jar go empty or the apple crisp run out. Looking back most everything had sugar and Crisco, everything had salty commercialized seasonings with chemicals I will never be able to pronounce....My mother was good at all her jobs and I loved food as a good result!
Being a fat teenager I had to make a decision on either not eating food anymore or accepting myself as I was. Naturally my love for food never died and I called my self "Curvy" to create laughter and joy in an otherwise hard situation. My beloved friend Tiffany told me when I was 16 years old that even though I was over weight I was luckily enough to have my mother's hour glass body type which in turns hides most my fat. I agreed with her instantly and happily filled up my plate for dinner!

It will always be a big part of my life, planning a menu, thinking about food and matching certain foods to certain holidays and traditions......Having made my decision to not allow my worries over my appearance dominate my passion for good taste and all the wonders in the world called food then I was FREE, simply free to eat and try anything! What an adventurous life coexisting with good food! 
I love my ability to understand even deeper then before on nutrition and understand  how important food plays into our daily lives! I am no longer fat, no longer cooking with Crisco and no longer having to battle over what to do when I grab my cast iron skillet for I am in "the zone" of my passion and my love for FOOD!

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