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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I love Swimming

When my mother called me last week to come learn how her swimming therapy was going I was beyond THRILLED. My mother after 2 years from her stroke is finally getting in the water, in the pool to swim again! My heart was so grateful to be apart of the early morning swimming time at the Y in Caldwell, Idaho. Mom had such a smirk while balancing and moving through out the water. Her Physical Therapy teacher showed me how to get her in and out of the pool and how to encourage more in depth exercises, I was proud and so pleased to be apart of it all! My mother use to swim back in the day all the time as I grew up and now happily she moves in the water once again. When I think of my own love for swimming, that moment when the water floats over my shoulders washing away the weight of the world. I know this is a great month for my mother to move on in feeling the freedom that water brings! Seems like such a long road looking back on how far my mother has come, but nothing is more wonderful and more joyous then seeing her move so smoothly through out the comfort of the familiar pool! For I love her so...and I love swimming along side her once again!

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