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Friday, February 21, 2014

I love the Sunshine

Today's sun light is so refreshing yet the chilly winds send all my pets to the door in hopes to come in out of it's cold bite.
I love the sunshine more then I love the stars, It's funny how at night I wonder about those diamonds in the sky yet when the sun comes out I know exactly what to do, SOAK IT UP!

I ask those big questions at night like "How far actually are all those planets and balls of gas that shine?" or "Why I am here on this earth when it's so beyond my control or beyond my own strength?" Then daylight comes and I feel instantly safe, warm and at peace with all those other questions simply by the shinning sun. This is why I love the sunshine more then the moon, why I feel energized more during the day. Things make sense and have a purpose during the clear light of sunny day and I have the BEST nap times under the heat, I like to sit directly in the brightness that gives me such answers for everything I worry or wonder about.....
Today's sun light is no different then any other day I just want to share how much I love it!

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