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Saturday, February 15, 2014

I love Valentines day!

 When I think of the most important holiday I instantly think of Valentines day, yet this is not the normal view of many others. It's not the kind of holiday that closes the city down, that has everyone being home in the mornings with their families like Thanksgiving or Christmas mornings. Sad really to not make Valentines day a national break from all the world's activities to celebrate and focus on the pure beauty of LOVE.
Love for your partner, love your kids, love for your whole family and friends. Seems like to me it should be such a HUGE celebration for the things we love in our lives!
This year was very quiet and peaceful compare to last year. And I liked staying home all day in my Pj's, cuddling with my dogs and knitting a hat for my hubby....For me these moments are all I need,
Love has such a depth in healing and comforting us that even the simplest acts of kindness goes towards the holiday's true focus, I don't want more then I already have. 
I love my husband in all his quirkiness, in all his long debates and usual joking habits. He likes to watch the morning news with me close by so as I drink my coffee and eat my breakfast he can comment back with all the information of the world around us, I am his audience and I learn so much from these big discussions we can get into for disagreeing or looking at the situation very differently. Yesterday was one of those kind of moments where simply being together is celebration of all our life time stories, I liked not racing through the day like normal with distractions such as phone calls, class times or appointments.
I love the day of hearts, the day of love so much that as each year flies by I want carry the celebration of putting the world on hold for a little while longer, I want carry the love all year long if I can. 
 When Tony moved over to sit by me yesterday morning saying "I feel like I never see you anymore, we should try to do more things together that don't have anything to do with being on our laptops." I just chuckled saying back at him "Well, I am not home as much now with my job, It's even more important to me on my days off to use the free time wisely." Tone sighed and said "By this time next year I will almost be out of school." I smiled thoughtfully as he excitedly thought about how getting his life back would be so nice. Then Tone excitedly explained how through his law school he got a discount or a trail run to a gym with a hot tub and big swimming pool. He wondered if I would like to go with him to check it out.....

As much I am NOT a gym person, swimming is something I have always loved. For on this dark cold, rainy holiday we knew getting into a hot tub would be so nice and I liked the sauna heat too.
Having Love for your own body, to celebrate a time of rest and just BE still in the day is one of my favorite moment and reasons to celebrate! It's even more important as an adult to not forget how to go out and just PLAY. Swimming yesterday while over looking the great downtown Boise helped me remember why I love Valentines day so much, spending time with my husband without law school or driving schedules discussed was even more rare. I know we are half way through this stressful time in our lives, so in another decade I hope to look back with relief that at least we never missed a valentines day celebration, the only constant holiday that brought us out of our own lives to share again in each other. 
Carry the Love all year long!

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